Find a more peaceful home in your mind and body.

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Relief from pain, discomfort and disconnection.

I can intuitively tell what’s happening in someone’s energetic body by feeling their physical body. I combine energy and body work in both yoga and massage.

My intention is clients I work with feel nurtured, empowered, and gain insight that they can share with their community, and the ripples go from there.


Yoga Therapy is an individualized session where I curate a practice just for you. This is suited for someone who wants to find a better connection in their life. These practices are meant to be done regularly over an extended period of time to help cultivate insight and ease pain in one’s body.
I practice a mix of body and energy work custom to each individual’s needs. You will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and nourished. My massages help people to connect with their bodies and themselves.
Tarot is a wonderful tool to find insight into your life. We’ll do a tarot reading and discuss how it relates to a question or problem you have. This is for someone looking for clarification or confirmation on a matter they are grappling with.
Reading your astrological chart which is a great way to gain insight into your life and yourself. This is for someone interested in astrology and wanting to learn more, or people who wants to learn more about themselves.

guided meditations created by Sarah Jane

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Astrology 101
A year long online course to help you learn and know Astrology, as it happens. We will follow the Zodiac wheel and learn how to read Astrological charts.
sliding scale $150-$275
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About Sarah Jane
I had a long journey on connecting and accepting my body, my dream has been to help others do the same.

I love helping people feel better. I can sense their energy before and after our sessions. They walk away feeling cared for.

I have always taken it upon myself to learn as much as I can about whatever I am interested in. I find ways to apply my knowledge to whatever problem is at hand. My eclectic knowledge helps to deepen my understanding of each of my offerings.

I am a trauma informed yoga instructor. I am finishing up my 1000 hour Yoga Therapy Certification. I am in the process of learning about herbalism.

I live in Nashville, TN. I am currently really interested in plants and creating teas, tinctures and topical oils that help facilitate health and connection with the earth. It is so important to me to spend time outside with my daughter, teaching her to be kind to the plants and letting her explore. Also, her and my husband and I go for long walks in our neighborhood, cook and listen to music together.

I'm a type 1 diabetic, but I don’t really think about it too much. You may see a glucose sensor on my arm. I love to travel. When on the table, you decide how much or little we talk. I am here for your experience. Sometimes we need to release verbally as well as energetically. Sometimes we need to be quiet and take it all in. I’m here for whatever experience you need.