Find a more peaceful home in your body.

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Facilitating peace between you and your body.

Your relationship to your body is the longest relationship you will ever have. If you feel at odds with them, I am here to help you heal your connection to you.
Through Yoga Therapy, tarot and astrology readings, I help people find peace with themselves, just as they are.

The folks I work with feel nurtured, empowered, and gain insight that they can share with their community, and the ripples go from there. I am a Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Astrologer and Tarot reader.

Be With Your Body Tarot

I am so proud to share this tarot deck I co- created. Be With Your Body Tarot is a tarot deck designed to help people find peace with their bodies, just as they are. Designed by my friend, Sara Strese, this 78 card deck has a variety of body sizes and abilities. Each suit is connected to a specific body part that correlates with the element that represents that suit.
I wrote the guidebook which gives a therapeutic lens on traditional card meanings. Each card has its own affirmation and there are instructions that show how to read tarot and specific spreads to connect with your body.



An Astrology reading is a great way to gain insight into your life and yourself. This is for someone interested in Astrology and wanting to learn more, or people who want to learn more about themselves.

I offer individual readings and also mentorship where you can learn to read Astrology charts!
Yoga Therapy is an individualized session where I curate a practice just for you. This is suited for someone who wants to find a better connection in their life and their body. These practices are meant to be done regularly over an extended period of time to help cultivate insight and ease pain in one’s body, mind and spirit.



Want to share the insight of tarot or the connection of yoga therapy with your friends, clients or colleagues? Sarah Jane offers group events such as workshops, therapeutic classes or parties!
Tarot is a wonderful tool to find insight into your life. Using the tarot deck I co-created, Bw With Your Body Tarot, you will leave with both insight and tools to connect to your body. I offer a 30 minute tarot reading where you will leave feeling connected to your body and empowered in your choices. Also, I offer an hour long year ahead reading, giving guidance of what is to come.

guided meditations created by Sarah Jane

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About Sarah Jane
I had a long journey on connecting and accepting my body. My dream has been to help others do the same.

I am a certified Yoga Therapist, Astrologer and tarot reader.
My extensive knowledge in these modalities help to inform the others. I will often pull from my different expertise to counsel and best support your needs.

I am a co-creator of Be With Your Body Tarot, a tarot deck designed to help you connect to your body, just as you are. I use this deck, guidebook and affirmations to help people I work with find a deeper connection to themselves.

I live in Nashville, TN. It is so important to me to spend time outside with my daughter, teaching her to be kind to the plants and letting her explore. Also, she, my husband and I go for long walks in our neighborhood, cook and listen to music together.

I'm a type 1 diabetic. You may see a glucose sensor on my arm or hear my insulin pump beep. Living with a chronic illness helps me to stay connected to my body and listen to her. By cultivating more compassion with my body, I find more ease. I cannot wait to help you and your body get to know each other better.