Group Offerings and Workshops

Would You like to share the insight of tarot or the connection of yoga therapy with your friends, clients or colleagues?

Body Connection Focus:
In this three hour workshop, Sarah Jane will offer tools and practices to help participants connect to their body and intuition. Tarot is an incredible tool to help people cultivate trust within themselves and build a kind relationship to their bodies. Sarah Jane weaves her yoga therapy and meditation practices into the card meanings, creating a somatic approach to building practices of self awareness and connection.

This workshop will cover:·
History of tarot·
Meanings of each card·
and meditations·
How to use tarot as tool for growing intuition
Cost: $500

Tarot Parties
In this two hour session, Sarah Jane will set up a spot and offer tarot readings and/ or tarot education.
You will receive:
· detailed,personal tarot readings for guests of your event.
· Fun,lively and insightful entertainment· a party that no one will forget!·

(On request) a quick lesson in tarot history and card meanings

Cost: $300

Group Yoga Therapy:

In this hour- long session, Sarah Jane will teach a slow, breath- focused yoga class centered around helping people connect to their bodies. Participants will leave feeling calm, renewed and centered.

Cost: $150

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Deepening your relationship to your body is revolutionary. You will notice how so many other aspects of your life will start to fall into place.

I help you find trust in yourself. Your body is so wise.

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