$85 for 60 min

$125 for 90 mins

Sarah Jane can adjust her pressure and technique to meet your relaxation needs. She offers a variety of oils, scented or not, to calm you down and send you away feeling like you are floating.


$85 for 60 min

$125 for 90 min

For those growing new life, massage is a great way to relax and adjust to your quickly changing body. It is recommended to get at least one massage per trimester to nurture your hard working body.




$110 for 75 min

Myofascial massage is a specific technique to release the fascia (the tissue that connects the muscles) in areas of your body that might be causing discomfort. This style includes postural assessment, work on specific muscle and fascia groups, and specific stretching for your needs. The work is a bit deeper than a typical relaxation massage, and it has wonderful benefits!


$95 for 60 mins

$135 for 90 mins

Thai Massage is a wonderful combination of stretching, acupressure, and compression. This style is experienced on a cushy Thai mat on the floor, so wear comfortable clothes to receive this in.

Chair Massage


If your office or event is looking for a fun and relaxing element to offer, try chair massage! This is  a mini massage experienced in a professional massage chair. After 10-20 minutes each, people will be refreshed and at ease for the rest of the day.

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