Yoga Therapy is an individualized session where Sarah Jane curates a practice just for you. This practice will ideally be part of your daily routine. This is in the Viniyoga lineage where the movements are slow and centered around the breath. There will also be meditation and possibly chanting practices offered. It is recommended that we meet once or twice a month to check in and adjust the practice as needed.
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This is suited for someone who wants to find a better connection in their life. These practices are meant to be done regularly over an extended period of time to help cultivate insight and ease pain in one’s body. 

Tangible benefits from this offering are: pain reduction, better digestion, increase in breath awareness and capacity, flexibility and strength. Intangible benefits are:  connection with one’s body and spirit, clarity in their life.

We can meet online or at my space in 100 Taylor st. Nashville, TN 37208. Currently, because I am still in my 1000 hour training for Yoga Therapy, my pricing is $75 a session. If you are coming in person, please wear a mask and bring your own yoga mat.
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